About Us

Who We Are

AI Materia is a uniquely trained AI platform to accelerate accurate decision-making process for better and faster product development. By leveraging smart data infrastructure and advanced machine learning tools, the AI Materia's technology integrates the technical materials and processing data with established scientific knowledge and provides actionable insights and solutions for more efficient development, optimization, and manufacturing.

Our mission is to accelerate sustainable innovations in materials development and manufacturing.

Our culture is expressed through our values of curiosity and care.

Leadership Team

Our founding team of engineers and business experts brings expertise in materials science and creating real-world artificial intelligence solutions. Headquartered in Toronto, we are building a team of intellectually-curious, scientifically-inspired engineers and business leaders to deliver transformative solutions.

Teams at AI Materia


Our multidisciplinary team of researchers combines deep knowledge and experience with fresh new ideas to answer some of the biggest questions in materials industry. Our team combines deep scientific insight with the latest machine learning techniques to push the boundaries of materials science.

Engineering and Platform

This team powers our research by building and optimizing tools like our federated learning technology to ensure that we are able to explore the frontiers of precision materials. This team ensures that our technology scales to keep up with our ideas.

Business Support

Our operations team is the heart of our business. This team is responsible for nurturing our culture, supporting teams in their missions and sharing our discoveries with the world at large.


Join the company building the future of materials intelligence.