AI-Driven Materials & Product Development

Accelerate Product Development by Using the Power of Data and Artificial Intelligence

Data Modernization

Is your data ready?

The next big knowledge you need, might be hidden inside the data you already have.

Intelligent Decisioning

Make smarter decision.

Determine research direction and redirect resources to successful projects.

AI-Driven Product Development

Accelerate your process of innovation.

Apply science-based AI to develop products and optimize processes, faster.

AI Materia Technology

AI Materia is a uniquely trained AI platform to accelerate accurate decision-making process for better and faster product development. By leveraging smart data infrastructure and advanced machine learning tools, the AI Materia's technology integrates the technical materials and processing data with established scientific knowledge and provides actionable insights and solutions for more efficient development, optimization, and manufacturing.


Reduce development time and cost by 50-75%

Develop better and more sustainable products 2 to 5 times faster

Facilitate co-creative relationships between scientists and AI

Find out how AI Materia technology can help to reduce costs and enhance productivity