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Unlocking the Promise of AI for Materials Innovation

AI Materia is a groundbreaking, science-based AI technology that is transforming current materials development approaches. It accelerates the development of better-performing, more environmentally sustainable, and reliably sourced material and chemical products.

Why industry key players are adopting AI Materia on a large scale

Accelerate product development by tenfold

Reduce costs and boost profitability

Deliver the performance customers require

Establish consistent, scalable product manufacturing

Swiftly adapt to evolving regulations


Capture all the knowledge.


The next big knowledge you need, might be hidden inside the data you already have.

AIM│Virtual Experimentation

Make smarter decisions.


Determine research direction and redirect resources to successful projects.

AIM│Expert Consultation

Accelerate innovation.


Apply science-based AI to develop products and optimize processes, faster.

We share the best practices to expedite
your return on investment and accelerate your time to market.

Empower your product development team today


Materials intelligence


Accelerate your R&D

AI Materia boosts your R&D to the forefront of digitalization by providing enterprise AI solutions customized for your materials development.