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Rethinking materials innovation

AI Material is reinventing materials innovation and product development. Whether you aim for accelerated product development, enhanced customer responsiveness, increased supply chain resilience, cost optimization, regulatory adaptability, or improved sustainability, we can provide you with a new perspective on your manufacturing processes.

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Metals, Alloys, Super Alloys

Accelerate the development of lighter, stronger, less energy intensive products

The industry is transitioning towards more sustainable processing technologies and improving carbon capture, while adopting various innovative manufacturing methods. AI Materia assists companies in addressing their evolving requirements, navigating intricate and multi-dimensional challenges, expediting product development, and enhancing resilience to price fluctuations and supply chain disruptions.

Polymers and Composites

Reduce development time and costs, adapt to regulatory changes and market demands

AI Materia technology enables polymer companies to develop novel compositions for high-performance and innovative products. Our AI-guided tools aid in identifying materials with a higher probability of success early in the development process. By predicting performance criteria at an early stage, you can focus on a small subset of experiments, minimizing time and resources spent on less promising outcomes.


Create superior, sustainable formulations rapidly and expedite their market entry

AI Materia can help the chemicals industry in discovering novel formulations and differentiators, including additives, surfactants, polymers, and polymer compounds. Our technology uses AI to explore the realm of possibilities, efficiently navigating numerous options and identifying the most promising solutions.


Expedite your R&D timelines in achieving innovative battery technology, including electrolyte formulation, additive discovery, anode and cathode creation, and process optimization

Our science-aware technology maximizes the utilization of your data and past experiments. Whether seeking an optimal electrolyte formulation, refining slurry formulations, or optimizing power and energy density within manufacturability constraints, AI Materia streamlines these processes with fewer experiments and quicker results.


Create top-performing, sustainable products using materials-aware AI and advanced data infrastructure

High energy expenses necessitate ceramics manufacturers to concurrently optimize materials and processes. Whether producing architectural items, cutting-edge consumer technology, or products for challenging environments, AI Materia technology enhances your agility and efficiency.


Speed up innovation to stay ahead of evolving trends

The AI Materia technology assists companies in designing packaging that ensures efficient protection, minimizing waste while enhancing the ability to preserve product quality. By utilizing our tools, companies can optimize the performance and weight of their products, achieve sustainability goals, and identify opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of packaging solutions.

Consumer Electronics

Develop advanced materials and components for state-of-the-art products

Consumer electronics companies must align with evolving consumer preferences to sustain market leadership. Materials research teams face the challenge of balancing conflicting requirements, striving for lighter, stronger, more affordable, and more resistant components. The AI Materia technology assists our clients in pushing material properties to their limits to mitigate the impact of critical materials and supply chain disruptions.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Develop new and more sustainable products and packaging to meet consumer preferences

The AI Materia technology excels in vast, multi-dimensional design spaces and facilitates product development. Through our technology, consumer packaged goods companies can integrate consumer preference with formulation and process-level inputs during product development. Our clients can prioritize aspects most valued by consumers when creating designs and reformulations.

Building Materials

Develop sustainable, high-performance products that adhere to intricate regulatory standards and surmount supply chain obstacles

The building materials industry is venturing into novel product categories, featuring materials with advanced thermal insulation, shape memory, conductivity, humidity control, and other properties that were once considered unimaginable. AI Materia technology facilitates the acceleration of R&D for these companies, enhancing confidence in decision-making to expedite innovation, enabling our clients to shape the future of the industry.

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