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AIM Research Fellowship​

AI Materia helps to enable the next generation of STEM students to acquire the materials informatics skills needed for the future. AIM Research Fellowship program is an eight-week summer research opportunity for undergraduate engineering and science students interested in learning data science and data management skills in materials development and deploying modern material informatics tools for varied applications.

Capstone Research Project​

AI Materia serves as an industry partner and advisor for Capstone Research Projects in the field of materials informatics, spanning eight-month projects. During the program, teams of undergraduate engineering students in their final year of study have the opportunity to apply their acquired skills and knowledge in practical projects with real-world significance. AI Materia's involvement brings a professional perspective to the projects, guiding the students through the intricacies of materials informatics and providing practical insights. By engaging in this collaborative venture, AI Materia contributes to the development of innovative solutions that address meaningful challenges within the materials science domain.