An AI Platform for the Next-Generation of Advanced Materials and Products

AI Materia technology is a combination of cutting-edge AI tools and smart data management infrastructure for product development that accelerates the accurate R&D decision-making process and reduces product development timeline and cost.

Smart data infrastructure

The AI Materia Platform stores and organizes technical data in all of its complexity- processing, structure, properties, performance, formulation- making it available to product developers and enabling AI-driven workflow.


AI Materia's proprietary machine learning algorithms have been tailored to the complex data environment in materials R&D to build reusable, modular units, and connect them to each other to represent known relationships


The AI Materia Platform is equipped by an innovative analytical framework which supports the workflows in each stage of the materials development process to provide meaningful and actionable solutions.

How the AI Materia Technology Impacts Your Bottom Line

Your Data

Our deep learning algorithms increase your understanding of your data, mitigate the noise, and fill in the gaps in sparse datasets. Our cutting-edge tools use confidence levels to guide where you need to test further and enable efficient error or outlier detection.

Your R&D

We use artificial intelligence to optimize current materials whilst improving key properties and enabling the optimal selection of requirements for new formulation design. Our technology speeds up the time to market and significantly reduces prototype costs, eliminating the need for trial-and-improvement.

Your Sustainability

Our technology is able to predict failures based on live input, therefore reducing wastage of materials. We help maintain a consistent output in different environments and understand the relationships between process inputs and product outputs, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the target process.


The AI Materia keeps your data, domain knowledge, and models safe through rigorous safeguards. 


Independently-verified best practices for storing and securing data

Infrastructure Management

Independently-verified best practices for storing and securing data

Complete Segregation

Independently-verified best practices for storing and securing data

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