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Materials intelligence platform

The AI-driven product development technology for materials and chemicals

AIM│Data Management

Transform your company’s proprietary data, collect all the knowledge and insights

Unlock the value of your data by capturing all your teams' knowledge. Your intellectual property, dispersed across formats, divisions, and geographies in spreadsheets, databases, lab notebooks, hand-written notes, can be consolidated and harnessed with the assistance of AI Materia Data Management.

Streamline the data ingestion process through a model specifically designed for materials and processing data. Utilize all available data, not just the data that is conveniently recorded.

AIM│Virtual Experimentation

Define the direction of research and allocate resources to successful projects

Accelerate your next groundbreaking discovery and success with AI Materia Virtual Experimentation. With cutting-edge machine learning techniques tailored for the materials and chemicals domain, you are always in control. Lower your costs, enhance performance, increase supply flexibility, and improve sustainability.

Empower your research teams with a robust AI system to find better results faster. Conduct virtual experiments before proceeding to the lab and improve efficiency.

AIM│Expert Consultation

Accelerate your process of innovation, apply science-based AI for products development

Expert Services provides an even faster path to achieving your company’s desired business outcomes, drawing on support from experts in materials informatics, digital transformation, business strategy, and change management. Custom services are tailored to meet larger, more complex needs. Deliverables for these projects will be scoped to meet your unique requirements.

Speed up your digital transformation efforts using AI Materia Expert Consultation. Expert Services include Training, Advanced Analytics, Project Planning, Strategy and Change Management, Data Preparation, Systems Integration Advice

Science-Aware AI

Build AI models that understand the scientific laws and principles inherent in your design
Multi-Scale Physics

Account for real-world behavior from molecular properties to environmental effects and everything in between
Explainable AI

Understand and have confidence in the AI's predictions through transparent explanations, metrics and visualizations
Constrained Optimization
Generate results that are physically possible and fit your design constraints
Inverse Design

Automatically search the design space to achieve your desired outcomes

How our technology impacts your bottom line​

Your Data

Our deep learning algorithms increase your understanding of your data, mitigate the noise, and fill in the gaps in sparse datasets. Our cutting-edge tools use confidence levels to guide where you need to test further and enable efficient error or outlier detection.

Your R&D​​

We use artificial intelligence to optimize current materials whilst improving key properties and enabling the optimal selection of requirements for new formulation design. Our technology speeds up the time to market and significantly reduces prototype costs, eliminating the need for trial-and-improvement.

Your Sustainability​

Our technology is able to predict failures based on live input, therefore reducing wastage of materials. We help maintain a consistent output in different environments and understand the relationships between process inputs and product outputs, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the target process.

Accelerate Innovation

Bring your products to market faster with us and benefit from the leading material design technology.