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We’ll help you achieve your goals

We have integrated scientific and business domain knowledge to expedite enterprise-wide goal achievement. Our systems are designed to align with your work processes work because we understand the way you work.

Prioritize Research Choices

Utilize uncertainty quantification to rank and optimize research candidate choices

Identify Optimal Ingredients

Assess new ingredient impact and rank recipes without experimental data

Utilize Science-Centric AI Tools

Transform molecular structures into 100+ AI-ready chemical features

Visualize Tradeoffs Effectively

Envision properties, assess ingredient impact, enhance insights

Streamline Work

Integrate expressions, transfer learning, simplify descriptions, enhance AI accuracy

Manage Uncertainty

Navigate formulation challenges with continuous design space exploration

We Understand and Share Your Vision and Priorities.

Dedicated to Security
AI Materia ensures cybersecurity excellence by integrating it into system design, work processes, and organizational culture, reflecting a commitment to earning trust and ensuring high usability in the platform.
Tailored Support to Meet Your Needs
Our platform is intelligently designed to be robust and user-friendly, complemented by comprehensive assistance options from self-service to advanced professional services at every stage.
Continuous Investment in Research
We are dedicated to continuous research investment, actively advancing materials informatics, and continually enhancing our platform's capabilities to contribute to the evolution of the field.
Authentic People, Enduring Values
Our mission is to advance a greener, more efficient world by accelerating the development of next-gen materials and chemicals, guided by our core values in every aspect of our work.

When collaborating with AI Material, you are partnering with an expert team that understands your business. We comprehend the goals that matter most and are committed to assisting you in reaching them.​

Relying on luck is not a strategy. Waiting years for serendipitous discoveries is not an option, and it doesn’t have to be. AI Materia is dedicated to assisting your researchers in extracting valuable insights from your company’s data, focusing on the features you prioritize.

Speeding up the introduction of high-performance materials to the market can boost your margins and market share. AI Materia aids in achieving this by minimizing the number of time-consuming experiments required to explore your search space.

In response to changing sourcing strategies due to geopolitical factors and shortages, AI Materia swiftly identifies alternatives. This proactive approach ensures that supply chain bottlenecks do not hinder your progress.

When business conditions change, AI Materia allows you to explore options quickly. Informed decisions about different inputs from various suppliers can drive down your cost of goods sold (COGS) and create higher-margin products.

AI Materia's platform empowers you to provide your customers with the essential features they need. By optimizing your recipes and processes, we enable you to explore various potential solutions, allowing you to bring more products to market efficiently. This strategic approach facilitates more effective negotiations and offers your buyers a range of options in terms of cost, risk, and performance.

As a materials manufacturer, adapting to new regulations worldwide is a constant challenge. AI Materia enhances your resilience by presenting options when reformulating a product, helping you identify alternatives and potentially improving cost and performance.

In the pursuit of sustainability, AI Materia's platform becomes a crucial tool. It aids in reducing emissions, increasing circularity, and adapting to a changing world while developing higher-margin, more sustainable products.

The AI Materia platform captures and records analytical formulas, rules of thumb, correlations, constraints, and key features, turning your data into a valuable asset. This approach seamlessly combines expert knowledge with data-driven models, allowing accurate models with less data and efficient utilization of all available information.

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